Fashioning an Ethical Industry (FEI) is a Labour Behind the Label project, which aims to provide fashion college students and tutors with a global overview of the garment industry, to raise awareness of current practices and initiatives, and to equip students to play an active role in raising standards throughout the supply chains of the companies they will be working for.

The ultimate objective of the project is to embed social responsibility issues in the teaching of all fashion related further and higher education courses.

Low pay, cramped , hazardous, and unfair working conditions, and few rights or benefits for workers are still widely experienced by garment workers across the world. The way that garment production is managed has a direct impact on the lives of workers in supplier countries.

The activities of all who work in the industry, whether designer money clips, affect workers all over the world. Students and graduates of fashion courses, as the next generation of industry players, have a critical role to play, and real influence over the way fashion business is managed in the future.

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Upcoming Events

"Can Fashion be Fair?" @ Fashion and Textile Museum, 25th January 2006

Exhibition (25th January 2006 Only):

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Fashion Tutor Training Event:

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FEI Project Launch:

FEI Project Launch

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Labour Behind the Label works to support garments workers worldwide in their efforts to improve their working conditions through awareness raising, information provision and encouraging international solidarity between workers and consumers.